Friday, 24 August 2012

Chinese company smartly invests in stem cell anti-aging

Late last year, a Hong Kong-based Caymans-incorporated company, Zmay Holdings, caught the stem cell fever, plunking down around $40 million (a total of 330 mil HKD) in bonds and equity in a deal for a technology that involves growing various types of human stem cells from ordinary somatic cells by treating them with Chinese herbs. This makes sense, as any chemical may induce differentiation in cells.

Zmay, bought the tech from inventor Xiongbin Lin.

Forty mil is big money by any measure. And the new licensees have lost no time in seeking to capitalize on their investment. The Institute of Aging Institute of Anti-Aging Medical Research on Stem Cells (Hong Kong) Limited, which was acquired from Lin as part of the deal, has recently changed its name to 159 Anti-Aging Center (H.K.) Ltd., registered a web domain, and is on a hiring spree

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